American Renal Live Case study

The acquisition of a single land parcel, containing two separate buildings for $1,9million, an American Renal dialysis centre and a warehouse with in-place 7%+ Cash on Cash returns with significant upside potential from lease escalations and market forces in the area. Our medical tenant, American Renal is responsible for 86% of the project's income. The warehouse is let by The Pine Straw Store. 

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Delta Kingston Abbey Live Case study

Purchase for $5,8million including capex budget in February 2019.

By running a comprehensive rehab programme to bring the 10 burnt units back online and upgrade interiors of the existing units on lease renewal, we can push rents up. Once the renovations are done, the exterior cleaned up and painted and the unnecessarily high expenses brought back in line by installing individual water meters, fixing all the leaks and transferring the cost of electricity to the tenants, we can boost Net Operating Income to over $450,000.00 per year within the next 2-3 years.

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Woodside Mill Live Deal Case Study

Purchased for $4,5million in 2017, the Infiniti and USA team completed all the pre-development work during 2018. While we were processing this workload with the intent to develop the project ourselves, we had 4 developers bidding for the project. It reached a point where taking a profit made sense and we sold the shovel-ready project in February 2019 for $9,5million.

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